Fuseboard Upgrades

At Power and Lighting Solutions, we offer Electric Fuse Board Upgrade and Replacement in the South Wales area.

Why get an electric fuse board replacement?

If you live in an older building or you have an outdated electrical wiring system in your property, it’s likely to be time for a fuse board upgrade. You might even be in need of an electrical rewire. Here at Power and Lighting Solutions our team of fully qualified electricians are experienced in fuse board upgrades and replacement. We will be able to either upgrade your current fuse board or simply replace it with a new one, to give you piece of mind. Contact us today on 01656 330017 to find out more about fuse board upgrading and what we can do for you.

Dangers of a faulty/outdated fuse board: Risk of Fire Electric shocks Damage to cables
Damage to electrical equipment

What you will receive with your fuse board upgrade: